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Flame 35 (Industrial Heating Oil)

Flame 35 has been designed specifically for commercial boiler applications to generate heat. 

Heating your business

Flame 35 our Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) delivered to commercial businesses and buildings across Devon

For those businesses that previously used gas oil (red diesel) for commercial heating and are no longer able to use rebated gas oil, Industrial Heating Oil is a cost-effective solution to heat your premises. Moorland Fuels IHO is a drop in alternative to diesel that can be used in your commercial heaters and boilers.

What exactly is Industrial Heating Oil?

IHO has been designed specifically for commercial boiler applications to generate heat. Our goal was to develop a product that shares the same physical characteristics as diesel fuel, yet offers a more effective heating oil alternative. It can be safely stored year-round, thanks to its winter-grade fuel and extended shelf life, without the need for any equipment modifications.

Applications of IHO

It is commonly employed in substantial public structures and commercial establishments such as:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Establishments
  • Distillation Plants
  • Mining Sites
  • Agricultural Grain Dryers

How can we help?

Moorland Fuels possesses the knowledge, resources, and a track record that guarantees a cost-effective delivery of Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) when you require it. If your company is considering transitioning to IHO or if you have any questions regarding its usage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of IHO specialists at 01837 55700.

Supporting your homes, farms and businesses.

See how we can help you.

Payment Plans
It is our aim to make dealing with Moorland Fuels as simple as possible for our customers. We offer a range of different payment options, with something to suit everyone.
About Us
We supply Kerosene, Gas Oil, DERV and a wide range of Industrial Fuels and Lubricants to homes, farms, businesses and public sector customers from our fuel depot in Okehampton.
Never Run-Out Program
We fit a state-of-the-art tank monitor to your tank. It tells us when the oil reaches a certain level. We then automatically generate a ticket at our daily price and deliver your fuel.
A heating oil tank at the side of a residential house
Tank Service
At Moorland Fuels we can replace, install and clean oil tanks throughout Devon and East Cornwall. We also can deliver Envirostore tanks throughout mainland United Kingdom.